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The Republic Of Florida (Also known as ROF and ROF Militia) is a coalition of Florida secessionists. It is decentralized and has no one leader (Though there are leaders of organizations within it, and There are ranks within each organization). Republic Of Florida has multiple factions such a RROF (Real Republic Of Florida) ROFMG (Republic Of Florida Militia Group) and The Provisional Government of the Republic Of Florida. Their goal is the separation of the state of Florida from the Untied States either through peaceful secession or violence.  The militia group itself seems to consist mainly of various different individuals, family groups, siblings, and their children. Unfortunately they are well-armed and that makes them a concern in today's political and social climate.

How to Identify them:


They wear paramilitary uniforms with Florida Flags on them. They also fly the Bonnie Blue flag. They are most prevalent in Tallahassee, Tampa, And Miami.


They fly what has become known as the "White Star Flag" (Even though its called the Cedeno Star, Named after Chris Cedeno, Who leads ROF In Miami) he Republic of Florida Militia's flag combines a blue Cross of Burgundy with the 'white star' (outlined in blue) of the short-lived Republic of West Florida, both centered on a plain white field, The star is sometimes slightly offset. While they seem to now avoid large protests, They distribute flyers and literature aggressively in their local towns and neighborhoods and continue to have close-door events. The problem is not going away, They are becoming a major problem- Especially in Tallahassee.

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