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NSM members

National socialist movement new flag by dutchatlantic13-db276h8

New flag of the NSM

The National Socialist movement is a self-described White Nationalist organization founded in 1974 as "National Socialist American Workers Freedom Movement". They are the largest White Nationalist organization in the united states. They have as many as 5,000 members nation wide, And are in every major city in the United States. Their commander Jeff Schoep, Who has been in charge since 1994, hosts many public rallies and events and is as of late hosting what is known as "Unity Rallies" in which he and many other White Nationalist leaders meet.


New emblem of the NSM

How to identify them

NSM members are in every state of the union. If they are engaging in activism they usually wear black tactical garb and wear the NSM logos in the form of patches, And wave NSM flags. They have recently removed the Swastika in exchange for "Othala", The nordic ruin for Odin. Many White Nationalist do not use the Swastika because they feel the swastika is such a controversial symbol that it prevents people from engaging in dialog. Don Black famously said "The Jews have bought the Swastika through their propaganda." However it is important to note it will take quite some time for them to phase out the old logos, and it is unlikely that they will ever be phased out completely.

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Old flag of NSM

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Old emblem of the NSM