League of the South logo

The League of the South is a Southern nationalist organization, headquartered in Killen, Alabama, which states that its ultimate goal is "a free and independent Southern republic". It is a political and social organization that advocates for the secession of the Southern States. They have bought billboards that say "Secede" and claim to have 10,000 members (It is speculated that there are actually about 1,500) Their leader is Dr. Micheal Hill


How to identify them:

During activism League Of The South members wear Khaki (Occasionally tactical) pants with black Polo T-shirts with the Southern Nationalist flag on it. They wave southern nationalist flags, Bonnie Blue Flags, And state flags.

Major cities in the deep south have League Of The South chapters. They are expanding rapidly and are becoming a major concern for groups like the Southern Poverty Law Center and the Anti-Defamation League.

While they aren't necessarily to be considered dangerous, They are in our cities trying to recruit our youth and if left completely unchecked will continue to become a major problem.